Growing up I always had my picture taken. Whether it was school picture day, sports, or my mother and her “cool” camera iPhone apps there was always someone taking my picture. However, I was always fascinated by the person on the other side of the camera, the photographer! Something about them was always so intriguing, and I was DYING to know…so I did just that and became a photographer. In 4 years I have photographed 200+ weddings and 1000+ newborns. It is the most rewarding feeling to be trusted by my clients with their best days ever!

my number one goal is to make your wedding day totally amazing.

Hi! I'm Jordyn Kasey. I am a podcast junkie, lover of all things Disney World, a coffee connoisseur, and a fur lovin' Golden Retriever momma to my two pups, Bauer & Bella! I recently married the love of my life in 2022 and we are soaking up every second of married life. I love bagels, pizza, and just about everything you'd find at the shore! Especially ice cream!

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