I absolutely love what I do. My photography journey began 5 years ago when I photographed a wedding for an old high school friend. I thought..."ME?!" At this time I was solely a Fresh 48 photographer at hospitals all over NJ. I was used to photographing teeny tiny 8 hour old babies, not a full blown wedding day! I jumped into it head first and never looked back. Weddings are where I belong. There is something so special about being surrounded by so much love! It wasn't until 2021 when I became a bride that I truly grasped just how special planning a wedding is. My goal is to make all your photography dreams come true and become your friend in the process!

my number one goal is to make your wedding day totally amazing.

Hi! I'm Jordyn. I am a podcast junkie, lover of all things Disney World, a coffee connoisseur, and a fur lovin' Golden Retriever momma to my two pups, Bauer & Bella! I recently married the love of my life in 2022 and we are soaking up every second of married life. I love bagels, pizza, and just about everything you'd find at the beach! Especially ice cream!

my number one goal is to make your wedding day totally amazing.

Meet Jordyn - Owner/Lead Photographer

HI I'm Maria! Ever since I was little, I always loved taking pictures. I would borrow my moms camera (back then everything was on film) and go for walks, snapping photos of anything! It wasn't until college when I interned for a wedding photographer that I realized I could do what I love for a living. I've been a professional photographer ever since! It makes me so happy to capture beautiful moments for couples and families. 

Besides photography, I enjoy visiting wineries and breweries with my husband, hanging out with my English Bulldog McLovin, and going to Disney any chance I get. I'm from Toms River, NJ so I am lucky enough to live near the water. You can usually find me at the beach or on my pontoon boat in the warmer months! 

I hope to meet you soon and be a part of your special day! 

Meet Maria - Photographer

I'm Crystal! I am a wife, a mom, and a dog mom. I started photography almost two years ago when I was faced with the decision to give up a full-time job to work part-time and be a stay-at-home mom. My husband said "why don't you do photography? You have always loved it!" So here I am, photographing weddings and loving every minute of it!

My outgoing and bubbly personality allows me to connect with everyone so easily. I strive to provide the most comfortable experience for you and your loved ones on the day of. It is so important to feel like you have a friend walking in on the wedding day. When you work with me, you aren't just working with some lady holding a camera. You are working with someone who loves what they do, and will do everything they can to make sure that you have the most special day!

I'm Liza, I am a Social Media Manager and Creative Consultant. I have a degree in Communications with a focus in Media & Marketing. I am from Old Bridge, NJ and I love creating fresh new content, short-form films, and monitoring trends. I started doing social media to help a friend, but ended up falling in love! I love that my career has become a much needed creative outlet and that I get to build meaningful relationships with small business owners!

Attention to detail is one of my strongest skills. If there is a hair out of place or a tiny makeup smudge It'll never go unnoticed by me! I love coming up with new concepts and poses in the moment, precisely catered to each couple, to ensure that your day is unique to you and only you! Being able to capture all the genuine laughs, and funny one-liners is my favorite part of a wedding day! 

Meet Crystal - Photographer

I’m Marlena, a lover of fur babies (mine is spoiled as heck), stand up comedy, and amateur baking. I picked up my first "real" camera while I was in high school and instantly fell in love. My passion for photography blossomed while I studied photography in College and the rest is history! 
My eye for detail means that I see the importance in all the little things that tell your love story. Grabbing the details is so important and one of my favorite things about wedding photography. 

I believe that silly & serious photos all belong in the album and that every moment is beautiful in the right light. While I love to hang back and document the pure interactions between you and yours I will absolutely be hyping you up and guiding you anytime you need it!

Meet Marlena - Photographer

Hi! I am Michael; Father to 3 beautiful children, husband to my amazing wife Kim and dog dad to the cutest shepherd mix, Bandit. You can typically find me either barefoot in the sand with a cup of coffee, smoking ribs by the pool, or being pulled in all directions by my kiddos.

My passion is ignited by getting to capture beautiful, authentic moments with my camera. At my core, I love people, and I love getting to have a front row seat to the most important moments of people's lives. 

I love connecting with my couples and putting them at ease. I believe that by spending time to get to know my couples, I can capture the little moments more fearlessly and authentically. And I also want you to have fun!

Meet Michael - Photographer

Hey everyone, I'm Marlee!

I am a dog mom to my two fur babies, an almost wife to my fiance Tom, and I have been in the creative industry for almost 10 years now. From Temple University, to running an international television production company, I never fail to bring a creative flair everywhere I go. Since parting ways with the television world, I now spend my time focusing on my passion for photography, capturing love, and planning my upcoming wedding.

 My style is loving, candid, timeless and organized. I love making sure your day is captured exactly how it unfolds and I am so excited to work with you in the future!

Meet Marlee - Photographer

Hey! I'm Katie! I'm a wedding photographer based out of south Jersey. Currently living in Camden County but I grew up close to the beach!

I get to do life with my Husband, Steve, and my adorable toddler, Carter! The creative in me drove me to start pursuing photography and since then I haven't stopped. I just knew it was something I needed to do since I have such a passion for capturing moments and memories.

Once I started working in the wedding industry, I knew this was the place for me! It's such a special honor to be able to capture these special moments that you will relive forever. I can't wait to work with you soon!

Meet Katie - Photographer

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Meet Liza - Social Media Assistant

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